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Lead generation is the name of the game. I know this, you know this, we all know this. Without leads, you will become part of the 87% that don't make it in this business. So when you are spending your hard earned money to generate leads, you want to make sure you convert a high percentage of your paid traffic into contacts. Most people send traffic to their website thinking this is the most optimal way.  Well, unfortunately, it's not that simple, and it is far from the highest Return on Investment (ROI). The best way to instantly get more leads is to direct your paid traffic to a custom lead generation lander. You may be wondering why this works better than sending them to your website. After all your paid good money to have your own custom site. Well, the reasoning is simple. When a person lands on your site and isn't forced to exchange their information for a service you are letting a contact slip from your hands. This forces you to pay more money in the long run to capture fewer leads.

Disclaimer: After the lander is built it will require a hosting service and occasional maintenance. We do provide an optional service where we will host and maintain the lander site for you. This service will be $25 dollars per month per Lander.

Benefits of having a custom lander:

  • More Leads
  • Larger web presence
  • Cheaper cost per lead
  • Better targeting
  • Higher quality leads
  • More money in your bank account
  • Better life