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Congratulations. You just got a listing! One of the most prized accomplishments among realtors. However, you don't want to be like everyone else. You don't want to just put it on the MLS and hope it sells. You want to get both ends of that deal and be the realtor that they recommend for life. Plus, it’s a great confidence booster. Well fortunately Grizzly have you covered. We offer you the chance to market you listings better than the competition by using our custom listing lander service. Basically this is a small website that highlights your favorite listing(s). By doing so you will capture a plethora of leads and increase your chances of getting both sides

Disclaimer: After the lander is built it will require a hosting service and occasional maintenance. We do provide an optional service where we will host and maintain the lander site for you. This service will be $25 dollars per month per Lander.

What the Custom Listing Lander will get you:

  • More leads
  • Increased chance in getting both sides
  • Larger web presence
  • Better targeting
  • More money in your bank account
  • Better life