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Starting Agent (Bundle) - So your business isn’t where you want it to be yet, and you are looking for the solution. You know lead generation is the key to success in this business. Well that’s what we do best. Our bundles will help you get your business to the next level faster!

What our Starting Agent Bundle will do for your business:

  • Increased social media and search engine presence via a strategic paid advertisement on Facebook / Instagram / Google
  • Increased brand recognition in your marketplace
  • Position you to become a go-to agent in your area
  • Increase your sales volume and GCI (Gross Commission Income)
  • Another avenue for you to get leads
  • A better life for yourself
  • A better life for your family

Disclaimer Setup of your initial campaigns will take 1 week. After your first month your ads will run everyday of the month. It is impossible for us to hit your exact ad spend so it will be plus or minus a few dollars. Here at Grizzly MKG we recommend that you do not start running ads with us, or any company until you can alot for a minimum of 3-4 months of ad management and ad spend. Just like any form of lead generation consistency is key.